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Unique in the world: the witch's cauldron of ESM and ITSM tools

Unique in the world: the witch's cauldron of ESM and ITSM tools

Welcome to the Battle - the SERVICE MANAGEMENT-TOOL MEETUP is entering the next round! At this spectacular event about knowledge and curiosity, togetherness and competition, challenge and approach, you will start your journey to the perfect IT or enterprise service management tool for your company. Are you ready? Then experience the energy - pure and unfiltered!

In focus: Intensive exchange

In focus: Intensive exchange

With the SERVICE MANAGEMENT TOOL MEETUP, you become an active part of the action. What requirements do you have for the perfect IT or enterprise service management tool? Which questions do you absolutely want to clarify? Familiarize yourself with the subject matter in advance and identify the points that you absolutely want to address personally. This will help you get the most out of the event - because your preparation is crucial for manufacturer speed dating!

At eye level: the top manufacturers and you

At eye level: the top manufacturers and you

Seize the unique opportunity to talk to the world's leading tool manufacturers in person - without barriers and at eye level. At the SERVICE MANAGEMENT-TOOL MEETUP, the rules of fair competition apply: every table and stand are the same size, every manufacturer has the same opportunities. The focus is solely on the ideal tool for you. Unadulterated and without frills.

The process: The perfect service management tool in a simmering atmosphere

Your goal: To select the tool solution from the jungle of over 450 tool manufacturers worldwide that perfectly suits your organization - not only technically, but also in terms of people. That's why the SERVICE MANAGEMENT TOOL MEETUP is like speed dating for your business. The world's leading manufacturers will present their service management solutions, describe their advantages and special features and answer your questions in person.

To do this, you sit down at the round table with the manufacturer of your choice in each of six time slots, so-called sessions. Within 45 minutes, you will gain a compact overview of the IT or enterprise service management tool of your choice. Above all, you will receive answers to individual questions that are burning on your mind. Personal, up close and without compromise. Therefore, once again the important note: The better you prepare, the more you and your company will benefit from this extraordinary format.

After three sessions there will be a lunch break with catering, followed by three more sessions. In order to have discussions with as many manufacturers as possible, it is advisable to divide the sessions among several colleagues. You don't need to worry about any costs - all sessions and lunch are free of charge for participants!

FAQ - Questions for SERVIEW as host

This event gives you the unique opportunity to talk face-to-face with leading manufacturers of service management software solutions and clarify your questions. The MEETUP does not run like a traditional trade fair, but rather resembles a competition: the atmosphere is full of energy, the communication is straightforward, honest and direct. This gives you an authentic impression of various certified tools and makes it easy for you to make a decision.

We only admit the best ITSM or ESM tools to the SERVICE MANAGEMENT TOOL MEETUP. This means that we have already pre-selected the industry champions for you from over 450 tool solutions worldwide.

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) and IT Service Management (ITSM) are both concepts that help organizations to manage and improve their internal processes, but they focus on different areas.

IT Service Management (ITSM)
ITSM refers specifically to the way in which organizations manage their IT services throughout their lifecycle. This includes the planning, delivery, operation and control of the IT services provided to an organization to support its business processes. ITSM is often based on frameworks and standards such as ITIL 4, which offer best practices for the provision of IT services. The goal of ITSM is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of IT resources and processes in order to maximize business value.

Enterprise Service Management (ESM)
ESM extends the principles and practices of ITSM beyond the IT department to the entire organization. It is about creating a coherent approach to service management across all departments, such as human resources, finance, legal and customer service. ESM aims to leverage the service management processes and technologies that are successfully used in IT to improve efficiency, transparency and user experience across all internal service areas. The aim is to make not only IT-related but all internal services more efficient and to improve collaboration and service quality for internal and external customers.

Differences and similarities
Focus: ITSM focuses specifically on an organization's IT services, while ESM extends the application of service management principles to the entire organization.
Goal: Both aim to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery, but ESM has a broader scope.
Practices and tools: ITSM and ESM often use similar tools and practices, such as service catalogs, incident management and service level agreements (SLAs), but ESM requires broader integration across different functions and departments.

Viewing Enterprise Service Management (ESM) and IT Service Management (ITSM) as integrated disciplines is critical, as together they provide a coherent, organization-wide strategy for service excellence. ITSM, with its deep focus on the efficient and effective delivery of IT services, lays the foundation for best practices, processes and tools that focus on the quality of IT support. By extending these best practices and tools beyond IT to other business areas, ESM enables organizations to create consistent service experiences that cover not only IT-related, but all internal and external service requirements.

By looking at ITSM and ESM together, organizations can break down silos between departments, improve collaboration and create a culture of continuous improvement. This leads to improved efficiency, higher employee satisfaction and better alignment of services with business objectives. It also enables companies to respond quickly to change and create real value from their service functions. An integrated view therefore not only promotes internal efficiency, but also strengthens competitiveness by providing high-quality, seamless service experiences for all stakeholders.

This year we were able to fix several dates in Germany and the USA for this extraordinary event. It's worth being there, because the next opportunity will be the following summer at the earliest.

At the SERVICE MANAGEMENT TOOL MEETUP, you get to take action yourself. Here you have the unique opportunity to discuss your company's requirements, wishes and complex obstacles directly with manufacturers in order to find the ideal solution for your company. If you do not know your own challenges and requirements, you will benefit much less from the event.

We strongly recommend that you do not attend the event alone. With numerous certified vendors and only 6 sessions per day, you won't be able to get to know all the vendors that are relevant for your company on your own. Therefore, it is a good idea to split the sessions among each other and exchange information afterwards.

We make no compromises when organizing the SERVICE MANAGEMENT-TOOL MEETUP - your safety is our top priority. That is why we have opted for locations with a high-performance ventilation system and numerous windows. The rooms are also very spacious - more than twice as large as in previous years for the same number of participants. We will inform all participants promptly about any additional regulations.

Even beyond the event, SERVIEW will actively support you as host and expert team of the tool selection. Through our role as ATVA, we know all the solutions and their benefits in detail. Do you still have questions or need help? Then contact us!

We are not a manufacturer - we are independent experts! As the initiator of the SERVICE MANAGEMENT-TOOL MEETUP and testing authority for the PeopleCert "ATV" award, SERVIEW has a complete overview of the software market. At our table you will learn everything about the ATV program and the certification process behind it and get tips and tricks for your tool selection.

Your host: SERVIEW

We are the ones with the overview - the champions for the perfect selection of your service management tools. We have been advising organizations and developing people for over 20 years, but at MeetUp we are one thing above all: your expert host. Here we fight to ensure that your organization gets the optimal solution for it. Not only in terms of technical possibilities and scalability, but also in terms of interpersonal factors.

When it comes to the competition between tool manufacturers, we are the neutral authority who will support you from the beginning to the end of the selection process. Have you already narrowed down some favorites, but the final verdict is hard for you? Or do you not even know where to start? We are happy to support you. From decision to implementation and beyond. Why do we know so much? Because we certify uncompromisingly good software - as ATVA.

More about the ITIL ATV program

Yes, you are in the right place!

At the SERVICE MANAGEMENT TOOL MEETUP, technically oriented decision-makers can find exactly what is often missing when selecting a tool: a personal exchange about very individual requirements that no website even hints at.

The event is not just an event, but the beginning of your journey to the perfect tool: Well-prepared, you'll feel out the individual software solutions to go home with a ton of energetic impressions and a handful of favorites in your head. And if the final decision is still difficult, SERVIEW will help you choose the optimal tool thanks to years of expertise. Talk to us!

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